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Lambretta Frame Number Dating. Frame Numbers Part Three. Li Special. These machines have frame numbers starting with a 3. Parts supply not using the number or make and hit the correction required. NOTE: The information from this database is estimated from known numbers. The years are only ranges because I could only find model production runs, not.

Chiusura A Consuntivo Produzione.

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LAMBRETTA SPECIAL kit fitted, with Dellorto 28mm carb, both engine & frame numbers Series 3, original, an excellent restoration project, comes with NOVA reference number, dating certificate, engine turns over.

The upshot of this is that scooter prices have continued to spiral upwards. Since the Fifties, the scooter has been a smart way to get mobile for those on a budget. The Hire Purchase boom of the late Fifties and Sixties meant they were even within the reach of teenagers with parents willing to guarantee the repayments. The Italian Vespas and Lambrettas were usually at the forefront in both the style and sales stakes, and enough were sold that even by the time the scooter boy arrived on the scene in the mid Eighties, there will still plenty of classic machines hidden away in sheds waiting to be snapped up for pocket money prices and resurrected.

It took a few years to empty the sheds and garages of Italy, but even this source was not inexhaustible. It was time to cast the net further. To the uninitiated, India might be the last place to look for Italian classics in any great numbers, that is, until you realise that India should also be recognised as the birthplace of recycling.

As the Europeans chased new technologies, enterprising Indian business men were happy to import obsolete plant and machinery. Both Vespas and Lambrettas were built, under a variety of arrangements — satellite factories, licensing agreements and ultimately as independent companies. Scooters which had been designed and built in Italy in the Sixties, were still merrily rolling off the lines in India as the new millenium arrived.

Good news for those now searching for a classic scooter on a budget, not least because the spares industry in India never slowed down either, meaning that all the parts you need are there as well. The Lambretta GP was the last of the line for the Italian manufacturer. Styled by Bertone, its production run was relatively short — January to April

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This was the first Model that was made out side of Italy as Innocenti sold license for production around the world. Smooth fork cover from mid with and indent to contain the larger bushes. Engine mounted on plain bearings Silent Blocs from mid Earliest examples of the LD: A second porthole on the engine cover close to the torsion bar mount that was intended to permit the fitting of a return damper never actually adopted.

Version II Adjustable handlebar in aluminium with plastic levers, front brake enlarged to mm, passenger grab-handle incorporated in rear saddle, 2-position light switch in ivory-colour plastic, horn with traditional grille from around February

WHY PAY TO SELL YOUR LAMBRETTA OR PARTS WHEN YOU CAN DO IT ON For sale Jet, matching frame and engine numbers, Avanti kit, brand For sale spanish special, runs sweet, nova and dating certificates.

Email address:. Lambretta club dating certificate. Everything you either. So my xj is a replica of. So my xj is affecting your lambretta scooter culture: 75 situations wacant konongo secondary arts tutors apply for dating certificates will need to join either. Supplied making pes triumph ural vespa, days. S a dating certificate; lcuk pin badge; insurance certificate i built lambretta club.

Posts about lambretta or age-related plate for lambretta is the prefix.

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Lambretta Frame Number Dating. held at the British Lambretta Archive to give acurate dating supported by these files. (frame number.

In the UK, we tend to think of the Lambretta as a fashionable, aspirational brand, associated with youth culture. Arguably, the hey-day of the scooter was before the days of the mod — when post-war austerity and a fuel shortage exacerbated by the Suez Crisis prompted the trend away from cars — well, big, thirsty ones anyway — and onto scooters.

At least in the UK. For a lot of Indians, the Lambretta was seen as family transport — able to transport four! A family of four including two children. One would stand in the front portion ahead of the seat and face the wind. The two elders would sit on the seat and the second child on the spare tyre at the rear of the Lambretta scooter. They produced a variant of the Series 1 LI, and then moved on to produce the Series 2.

For most Indians, the Series 2 is the Lambretta.

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When looking for the frame and engine numbers on an Italian motor cycle, you’re number, Homologation Date. Lambretta, Li (Series 2 & 3), IGM OM.

How much? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect. Could buy a nice motorbike for that kind of money Sent from my twisted mind using Thaivisa Connect. My “mod” days are long gone. Yep at k I’d rather buy a ‘real’ bike like a Ducati Hypermotard

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The ability to post messages is restricted to LCGB members. Any questions contact us at lcgbadmin googlemail. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 8 guests. I’ve got a GP that used to have really clear numbers,but after a few blasts and re-paints the numbers have become pretty faint and although you can see them really clearly when blasted, the last time it was painted they all but disappeared.

I am due to repaint the frame and want to re-stamp some depth back into them as I would like them to be easily made out.

IS YOUR AUTHENTICATION CERTIFICATE/DATING LETTER IN DATE? that the frame number had been checked against production records and that the frame number matched the British Lambretta Authentications.

Most parts for these models are readily available, although some body parts are becoming scarce. Commonly called the Slimstyle Range, Series III models are distinguishable by a speedometer which is of a sort of clam shell shape. It is flat on the sides, tapering out larger at the top, and the top and bottom are rounded. Another distinguishable feature of the Series III is the separate horn grille which attaches vertically to the front of the horncasting with two countersink screws at the bottom.

When this is the case, the earlier variation of the part is called the pre-mod part. Mid’s models will often share pre- and post-mod features. By the end of the production run of Italian Series III models which included all GP and SX models , all of the post-modification features such as 6 pole ignition systems which have 4 wires coming from the magneto had been adopted. It is very important that you know exactly which model of Lambretta you have before ordering parts.

Use this page as a guide to determine which model you have. The engine number on all models except for TV Ser.

How to spot a fake VIN number: Cloned frames and engines

He sent us this latest info about changes to the system…. Anyone who has ever tried to register a Lambretta, Vespa or any other scooter for that matter will know the number of hoops that have been set in place over the years by the DVLA. Recently, there has been an upsurge in the number of authentication letters also known as dating certificates that have been rejected because they are over 12 months old.

To be honest, the date on a letter never used to be an issue.

Specifications Date of production Jun ~Nov – Nov ~Jan · Identification details · Frame numbers by year · Colour scheme and finishes.

Not selling Collection welcome NN17 Lambretta Jet , registered on an N reg ignore F reg plate Scooter is UK bought scooter from new and comes with its UK V5 Engine has a pro tuned race rapido alloy top end with MB Developments Stainless steel Rev-tour exhaust pipe and 30mm Khien carb with power jet these carbs are the future so easy to set up with loads of adjustment!! SC 5 plate 47T cartridge clutch with 15T front sprocket running through the Jet SX gearbox giving a final ratio of 4. Corby nn Road legal in Italy.

Motd in italy. Register and ride. Receipt to nova. Pm for details. Racing seat, tasso exhaust, front and rear luggage rack, original seat and exhaust. PM me for more info. Jump to.


We are also able to date Bajaj made scooters from – To obtain a dating certificate it is necessary to contact the club via this website. There is no charge for club members using this service max 2 certificates per year. In all cases, it is necessary to supply the FULL engine and frame numbers including all prefixes or suffixes and other data from the chassis and the engine.

Banished in its time as a ‘non-Lambretta’ — was it the Scomadi or GTS with the date of build and frame number displayed on the leg shields.

Authenticating a Lambretta has not necessarily been a straight forward process in the past, and for years authentications have been done using partially incorrect data, but it is now possible after a lot of research and studying of the Innocenti Factory Production Records Chiusura a consuntivo produzione held at the British Lambretta Archive to give acurate dating supported by these files.

It should be a given, that all authentications should be supported only by Factory Production Records for true and accurate dating, and that dating from any other source is questionable and supporting evidence of authentication should be provided, as to where and how the dating evidence has been gathered. Innocenti Factory Production Records are not readily available documents in the public domain.

Annual Production Data from the records has been correlated in the table below but is only a small proportion of the complete data contained in the records. Certain annomolies occur from time to time, as not everything that Innocenti did was documented within these files. There are instances of this that have been included below to give a clearer picture of the production of Lambretta Autocycles, Scooters, 3 Wheelers, Lambro and Lambrettino models from the Innocenti Milan Factory.

Design by John Walklate. Home Info Italian Frame Info. Chiusura A Consuntivo Produzione. Apr Jul Frame Engine — —

Lambretta Li 125 SER 1 FRAME BREATHER Model ” 100% ITALIAN SCOOTER” 1959

Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? Two Stroke Smoke www. Lambretta Posted by stevet Lambretta 1. Limerick, oola, Ireland.

I certainly would not Date a frame that has signs of overstamping. on most Lambretta’s to verify the frame number if you are getting an MOT as.

He also developed the potential for transponders and parts marking, helping to create Datatag. Anybody looking to buy their first classic motorcycle might be hunting out the best bike to rekindle a past love, or perhaps something that makes a good investment — something that holds its value. Motorcycle theft is no new thing; while technology and security have developed, so have the criminals. The digits are equally spaced, and the metal the ‘1’ was stamped into had been ground away before the zero was punched in.

Combined with the work done to the frame number, this was one of the best clones that had been found at the time. Honda frame and engine numbers were never the same, but as with any bike, you should check the numbers against the VIN. Kawasaki used a font that is clearly different when you compare it to the Honda above. Up to October all Yamahas had the same frame and engine numbers, with a factory asterisk at either end.

Lambretta Frame Measurement